Half term- Cabin fever kicking in yet?



School holidays can be daunting enough, trying to think of entertainment that doesn’t cost the earth but that keeps your little one happy. Then throw in miserable weather which more than halves the possibilities of an affordable time together.

I find it’s all in the planning. Do your research before the holidays begin to find out what’s on in your local area. This way you can be prepared for whatever is thrown at you.

Social media sites such as Facebook are a great place to look. Other parents and organisations are often posting about activities, and the majority are free. Contact your local council, they can tell you what’s on in your library and leisure centres: story time, messy time etc. My local council have the ‘play rangers’. They organise all sorts of outdoor activities throughout all the holidays in local parks and it’s FREE!!!

Great if the weather is good yes, but what if its not? Well don’t discount your own abilities in being able to entertain your children at home. Try this: section up your day,

morning activity: baking- lunch – afternoon activity: painting.

Things won’t seem as daunting if you have a plan.

These activities don’t have to be a huge deal but by spending time playing with your child you are providing them with lots of positive attention. This prevents the need for your children to gain your attention using negative behaviour.

All else fails, get wrapped up and head to the park…..