Consistency is key!


Consistency is key: 

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Whether you have a new born or a 5 year old, being consistent is key to good sleeping habits.

A child’s brain, even as a new born is set up to recognise and understand patterns. They are capable of associated learning, seek patterns and familiar behaviour and find comfort in them. So, being consistent forms positive sleep associations. This can be done from very early on, allow babies to spend time in their rooms with you. Show them that it’s a safe, calming place to be. Put babies down for their naps in the same place, they will begin to associate this space with napping/sleeping.

One of the biggest causes in a break in sleeping habits is parents not being on the same page. Ensure that the consistency runs throughout all caregivers, sit down and make a plan for all to follow.

Desperately trying many different techniques confuses and unsettles. Find one technique and a suitable routine and stick with it. Remember, keep the steps consistent every night and ensure your behaviours and tones are progressively more calming towards the end of your bedtime routine.