Kate had worked for us as a nanny to our eldest son (age 3) and was always excellent with him so when we were struggling with our 10 month old baby who was used to being breastfed through the night for comfort, resulting in very little sleep for the rest of us, we called on Kate again. After agreeing on a plan and soothing techniques that we would be comfortable using, Kate initially spent 2 nights sleeping beside our little one to ensure I could catch up on some rest before tackling the issues myself. 
After just one night, things had already improved. Once Kate had left and by night 7, our baby was sleeping from 7-6 on a regular basis. Suffice to say we are absolutely delighted with this result and would not hesitate to recommend Kate to anyone! Thank you again!!!
 Isabelle, Henley-on-Thames Aug 2018 

Kate is a very approachable, warm, caring and enthusiastic person who fitted in with our little family right from the very start.  She is clearly very experienced when it comes to children and was always able to deliver the best results, whilst in turn making us feel happy and confident especially in those early days when it is the little things that make such a big difference, enabling a peaceful and restful night for us all!
Kate provided us with  invaluable help and advise whilst at the same time never making us feel incapable or inadequate, leaving us with an established bedtime routine and the confidence to carry it forward, which I am pleased to say is still the case today!
Laura, Oxfordshire, April 2017

I contacted Kate in November and started to implement the routine slowly by the beginning of December. On the 3rd of January 2017 for the first time ever my child slept for 6 and a half hours – solidly! Something I have never had the pleasure of experiencing. Though he still has a couple of off nights, it is all so much easier now as these are becoming less and less frequent. I am so grateful for Kate’s knowledge and help. My son and I are both feeling and looking a lot fresher, enjoying afternoon naps, early bedtimes and early rises. And the dark circles we both had under our eyes are finally disappearing!

We are still finding our feet with our routine due to my working schedule but we are slowly getting there – I’m looking forward to the night he sleeps all the way through without waking, but for now the 6 and a half hours I’m getting a night are more than enough!

Hannah, Newcastle, January 2017

We were at our wits end with the sleeping habits of Molly, we had tried most things but failed to stick to any one technique. Then a friend recommended nanny in the know, and I’m so pleased she did. Within 2 weeks of Kate visiting us Molly was sleeping through the night, and we felt human again. Kate took the time to get to know us and work out what technique would work best for us as a family. I want to say a big thank you for all you have done.
Kate, Berkshire, September 2016

It’s been brilliant finding someone who takes the time to get to the root of why our baby was having difficulty sleeping. The plan that Kate worked out for us was easy to understand and to follow. Thank you Kate, you’ve really changed our lives.
Joanne, Henley, October 2015

After 2 years of disturbed sleep we were desperate for some real help. We heard about nannyintheknow and that we would be able to get the help we needed from Kate. We found Kate very knowledgeable, she really understood about the sleeping habits of babies and was quickly able to work out a way for us to move forward. Thank you so much, we are a much happier, well rested family.
Rebecca, Reading, October 2015

‘I am so glad I made contact with Kate. She was professional and efficient in her correspondence, but at the same time, empathetic and understanding. What I really liked about Kate’s approach was her flexibility. She didn’t make me feel like I had failed when we went a bit off track, but gently veered us back on track.  We were so sleep deprived that we didn’t even know where to start with getting our babies sleep pattern back on track, but Kate suggested small and achievable changes that had a big effect and even resulted in an unbroken nights sleep – something we had lost all hope of getting. Thank you Kate.’ 
Sarah, Shepperton, December 2015