Be a good role model

It’s important to remember that children aren’t born with the skills to get by in life, we as parents much teach them. What a gift and a privilege…… no pressure!!!

A great way to kick this off is by being a good role model. We first often have to take a close look at our own attitude and be honest with ourselves about things that we want to change.

Be mindful about all you say and do, your children imitate what you say and your actions. Don’t lose your temper, shout and scream. I know as parents we all get to that point but as adult we have the capability to control this.

Show a good positive attitude in all you do, from staying healthy through what you eat and keeping active to reading a book. All are showing positive behaviour and attitudes.

Be dependable, if you say you’re going to take them to the park later, do so.  Always follow through with your actions, so many parents are hesitant to enforce consequences when their children break rules, but consistency is essential. Children thrive on consistency and reliability. Without it, they invariably feel aimless and unsupported…


A book a day keeps the teacher away

child sleep adviceI’ve given up on trying to squeeze precious reading time in once we’re home from after school clubs and the rush of tea is over. We simply spend 10 minutes in the morning instead. My older son Louie is bright eyed, bushy tailed and focused. It’s so much more relaxed for both of us.

Before we start reading, I encourage Louie to look at and discuss what is happening in the pictures. This helps build a picture of what the story is about and predict what the words might be. Making predictions activates prior knowledge about the text and helps make connections between new information and what they already know. Why not give it a try, I’ve seen nothing but positive results.