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Every parent from time to time becomes concerned with the sleeping habits their baby or child are displaying and are naturally worried about the best approach to take.

There are so many conflicting views and advice about the best approach to take when implementing a new routine, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And finding the most effective techniques to use when getting your baby to learn good sleeping habits can be a challenge.

By offering one to one tailor made advice that suits your specific needs as a family, and through teaching new techniques to effectively change and manage sleep patterns,  I offer practical, straight forward advice that will gently guide you to a resolution that works for all. The result, happier children and confident, more in control parents.

Sleep Solutions

One of the most frustrating parts of parenting is getting your child to settle at bedtime and sleep through the night, it can be a challenging and exhausting experience. Sleep is a basic human need, we need it to function, a lack of it can have an impact on every part of our lives and how we are as parents.

Thankfully it’s never too late to change the sleeping patterns of your baby or toddler or too soon to introduce good sleeping habits. And most importantly, implementing these changes doesn’t have to be stressful. I’ll work closely with you and suggest approaches that ensure the needs of both you and your children are met. Creating a plan that works for you helping you understand the importance of sleep and the factors that can affect sleeping habits. And, most importantly, how you can change these habits to create a harmonious house with happy parents and children.

Group Consultations 

Group consultations are a great way of dealing with minor sleep issues as well as gaining lots of knowledge and advice about how to maintain good sleeping habits. I will come to your home where I will talk with a group of parents regarding any sleep issues they may be having. Offering advice on establishing positive sleeping habits in the early days through to identifying potential issues that are causing disruptive sleep in your toddler.

Night Nanny

As your night nanny I will come to your home and care for your baby from 9pm until 7am allowing you to have a well earned rest and a good nights sleep.

I will be on hand to offer as much or as little help as needed. I can simply be their for guidance and support or I can be in sole charge allowing you to have time to rest. I will feed your baby during the night if they are bottle fed, or I can bring your baby to you if you are breastfeeding. I will then help your baby to settle back to sleep. I am available for up to 5 nights a week, and for as many weeks as you feel you would like my help and support.

I will also advise and offer guidance on bedtime routines and how to create the best environment for your baby to learn positive sleeping habits.

At all times I follow the “safer sleep for babies” recommendations of The Lullaby Trust  (formerly FSID) and the guidelines of the NHS for reducing the risk of cot death.