My approach

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My name is Kate Pullan, I am a qualified nanny and sleep adviser to babies and children. I have achieved Level 3 OCN in Sleep Training For Babies, Children & Young People with the London School of Childcare Studies (formally HATA).

With over 20 years childcare experience (and 9 years of my own!), there aren’t many issues I haven’t come across when it comes to challenging sleep problems. I have worked with and supported families through all the challenges parenthood loves to throw our way. Being a mother to two children of my own offers me a new insight into the challenges we all face as parents.

After Ted arrived, our second child, I made the brave move to leave my full-time nanny position and venture out on my own offering professional child and baby sleep advice. The combination of experience through work and being a mother, enables me to support and approach any situation with professionalism and compassion.

It may not come as a surprise to hear that sleep deprivation can adversely effect the brain and cognitive function, but it may come as a surprise to hear that this begins to happen after just 3-4 nights of disturbed sleep.

The immediate, more common effects of sleep deprivation are obvious, we’re sluggish, grumpy, unfocused and craving a nap… nothing a good nights sleep won’t fix. Easier said than done when your a parent to a baby that just won’t sleep!

We can become over emotional, unable to think rationally and depressed, not a good combination when your trying to be the best parent you can be as well as balance everything else we have in our lives.

Sleep is fundamental in the healthy growth and development of your baby. When babies sleep their bodies and brains are hard at work growing and developing, restoring, processing memories, learning, and increasing brain function. Without it babies have difficulties feeding and learning, show unwanted behaviour and get stuck in bad sleeping habits.

I believe in a holistic approach that looks at the overall picture of why a child is having sleep issues, taking into account the family and the environment as a whole. Not every issue can be resolved with a ‘quick fix’ strategie as there can often be an underlying issue which needs to be identified.  I work closely with the family to gain an underatanding of the child’s sleep biology to identify the root cause of the issue. Then together, we find the right strategies that work for your family. I offer support and guidance for a long term resolution.

I don’t practice the ‘cry it out’ technique, I find that when a parent is in an already fragile state due to a lack of sleep, listening to their baby cry is too distressing and is counterproductive. I recommend an approach that is gentle and encourages the parents to focus on their child’s needs. Together we look at the practical information, steps and techniques that are appropriate for your child’s age, the particular issues you have and the goals you would like to achieve. All I ask from you as a parent is that you are dedicated and consistent in our chosen approach, as this is fundamental to ensuring success.

For every issue there is a solution that is responsive, supportive and effective in changing and maintaining good sleeping habits. I believe these techniques work whether you are establishing a sleeping routine for your newborn or managing your 6 year old who now struggles to sleep through the night, I have implemented them and seen the results.